8 Tips On Booking a DJ For Your Christmas Party



Looking at booking a DJ for your Christmas party but don’t know how to get the most bang for your Christmas buck? Well look no further as MS Event Group has compiled some of our top tips on hiring the DJ to get the dance floor jumping in bounds of jolly. Or something like that. Whether you want to put on a festive playlist or if you want to simply leave them to it, getting a DJ to perform at your Christmas party or event is a truly tried and tested way to make sure that the good music keeps on flowing throughout the night.




Let’s just hope your colleagues remember all the hard work and research you put into finding the right DJ for your Christmas party.


1. Book early

We cannot empahsise enough. Book. Your. DJ. Now. Before. Your. Christmas. Party.

Seriously, with so many companies throwing a Christmas bash and needing to find the best DJs for their budgets it’s still mind boggling when it gets to December and yet still someone hasn’t booked yet.

Do you and your wallet a favour and book early. It’s for your own good, We promise.

2. Don’t spend too much time on your research

Now isn’t this slightly hypocritical – I mean, you are reading and essentially doing research right now aren’t you?

Well yeah that’s true, but in the world of professional DJin’ for corporate events and parties you’re somewhat in luck that there’s a tremendous amount of wildly talented and capable DJs at MS Event Group that are ready to be booked at the beck and call of your fingertips.

– which brings us on to my next point:

3. Book a company with experience.

This couldn’t really be emphasised enough. Don’t spend your time comparing rates with the mom and pop DJ’s of the market, make your booking easy by sending a email to the MS Event Group office and we’ll start the headache free process:        info@mseventgroup.com.

Or, simply speak to your co-workers who have experienced our service over the last 15 years and let them share their story.

What’s perhaps more important is when you invest in MS Event Group, you’ll find our company is a multi-op, meaning there’s no wasting time trying to find the perfect DJ for your needs, Our portfolio is staffed with a huge variety of talent.

4. Make sure you know what you’re getting

Do some research, check out what your DJ can do, what he or she is like, and see for yourself if they’re exactly what you’re looking for.

Now that doesn’t mean auditioning, no no; that’s a little too much in most cases. Watch the MS Event Group’s Meet The Team video’s, or contact our office and we’ll be happy to mail you out our entertainment materials.   479.242.4235

5. Explore off peak options

Now of course, everybody wants to have their Christmas party on a Friday or Saturday – and you all know why that is, don’t you?

Turns out, our DJ’s knows that too – so expect to pay a premium on weekend nights.

Due to simple supply and demand, the holiday season necessitates a premium due to the sheer amount of Christmas parties going on all around one month. It never hurts to explore different dates and times for your event to get a rate that’s a little lighter on your budget – but won’t leave your wallet feeling too light either.

It might not always work in terms of pricing, but it certainly has the possibility to help if your preferred DJs are booked up for a certain date.

6. Budget, and budget some more

It’s personal finance 101, but make sure you have a clear indication in mind of what you’re willing to spend when it comes to booking a DJ for your Christmas party.

Of course, first you have to do a little research into what the general rates are but once you’ve done that, you’ll be in a much more efficient and convenient place to book your DJ without having to worry about negotiating rates or booking a performer too high above or below your initial budget.

7. Don’t hand them a playlist and expect them to play it

DJs are artists too – if you wanted a set list of songs you required playing, do everyone a favour and put a playlist together and leave it at that.

Of course, it’s fine to make requests (it would be ridiculous not to) but MS Event Group’s professional DJs are experienced at getting the crowd dynamics just right – they know exactly what they’re doing – and making sure everyone has a fantastic time at your Christmas party.

8. Book your Christmas party DJ with MS Event Group

It’s a shameless self promotion, but we like to think we know almost everything when it comes to booking the right DJ for any event of any size.

We’ll be happy to help book the perfect DJ for your Christmas party. 

Contact MS Event Group today and let our experts help create the perfect holiday party for your business or company. 479.242.4235

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