How much do you charge?
MS Event Group is not your typical “Package Priced” DJ company. We operate under a philosophy of
creating custom proposals designed to match each clients unique vision and budget.

Will the DJ/Emcee contact me before my event?
MS Event Group has a process of steps for each event, first we meet with you to create a proposal thats valid for 10 days, next if you decide MS Event Group is the right fit, we setup your account that includes a booking agreement, we then setup a meeting with you and our DJ so you can get to know him/her, then your DJ walks you through the online planning and music request forms.

The week of your event, your DJ contacts you again to go over the final details and any last minute edits or changes, our professional team of trained DJ’s/MC’s take pride in consulting with our clients before the event. It gives us a moment to answer your questions, go over the event forms, and share Ideas to make your event a success.

My friend had a wedding and her DJ cancelled on her because he booked another show and got more money for it, Will that happen with you?
That never has happened within our company, and never will, At MS Event Group, each member of our team has knowledge of each of our departments. From sales, to knowing how to run all of the shows we have booked, to an understanding of all of the services we have to offer, our team will treat you, as their number one priority.?Customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

Will my DJ be too obnoxious at my wedding? Will he just stand there and play music without getting everyone involved and having fun?
Great question! Before MS Event Group ever hires a DJ/Emcee/Entertainer, We have them go through a very in depth training course, from customer service, to knowing how to read the crowd, and one on one consulting. our entertainers even go through a programming course so that they have a vast knowledge of Music in every format.

I want more than just a DJ at my wedding, What all can you offer me?
When MS Event Group was founded, Marc Sparks wanted to offer clients “More than just a ‘DJ’ Business.”?With today’s technology moving at rapid speed, MS Event Group offers more than any other mobile company. MS Event Group gives you both a top rated entertainer, and the option to add things to make your party or event even better, such as Multi-Media,(Picture slide shows),Color Washing, This allows you to wash the room in your favorite color(s); The Custom Name Projection, Videography, Projection Screens, and Candid Photo Booths.

How many hours do you suggest for a teen birthday party?
Normally 2 to 3 hours are more than enough, We have a schedule that works with the parents and allows the teens to dance, then open presents, and have some birthday cake.

Can we create a request list for our event?
Yes! and we can even offer you more. If you’re having a Birthday, Class Reunion, or Holiday Party, MS Event Group can set up a “Guest Request” that allows EVERYONE to go in to our music database, and request their favorite songs!

How do I go about reserving our event with you?
We have to set up an account for each of our customers, just go to our home page and click on “Book an Event” Fill out all the customer information including the name of the package you want to reserve, including the time length, and click on create document. MS Soundworks requires a 50% deposit (Non-Refundable). Our office administration will then email you the “Booking Agreement” for you to sign and mail back. For your convenience you may pay by credit card or check.

What if my event is outside, and it rains?
Unfortunately, We can’t control mother nature, please make sure you have backup plan so that we can service your event. Company policy does not allow setup in cloudy weather when rain chances can occur.

I’ve booked an event with you, what forms do I need to fill out?
We have several forms on our website.
Event Planner: This allows you to give us more information about your event. Example: “Wedding Planner” this lets the Bride & Groom plan every dance and song they would like us to do. The same event planner allows you to choose your occasion, Birthday Parties, corporate Event, Reunions, Special Occasion

Event Timeline: This form allows you to put your event in a timeframe and order you would like our staff to follow.

Music database: This form allows you to create a “Request List, a “Do Not Play List” and “Special Dedications” you can even see our top 200 most requested songs.

When will my DJ arrive to set up?
Your DJ/Emcee will arrive a few hours before the start time. This allows him/her to do a complete setup, sound check, and set the dance lighting.

If I’ve purchased a package from you, and I want to upgrade, or just add another one of your additional services, can I?
Most likely, However it depends on if someone else has already reserved that package or service. Just contact our office and see what is available.

Call 479.242.4235 , or email

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