Christmas Party Themes You Haven’t Thought of Yet

MS Event Group knows each year it’s hard to get a “buzz” going in your office when it comes to planning a Christmas party.

How do you get “Everyone” involved and get them excited? Its tough, so the MS Event Team put our brains together and come up with a variety of Christmas Party Themes for 2013, and yes, we are DJ’s but sometimes we do think outside our “Music Box”.


(1) The Ugly Sweater Party

If you managed to go this long in life without acquiring some horrific Christmas sweater — you know, the ones with the puff paint snowmen and the mistletoe-patterned mock turtlenecks — from your great aunt Mildred, then you may have to run to the nearest K-Mart to purchase one for this party of holiday fashion faux pas. We promise they don’t cost more than $15, and the photos will most definitely be priceless.


(2) Reverse Christmas in July

Christmas in July is a time-honored mid-summer party favorite. In the summer’s hottest month, people pretend it’s Christmas — complete with a tree, gift exchange, and hearty meal. Well, turn the tables on this tradition with a beach-themed party in the dead of winter. MS Event Group can help with Beach balls and leis, then color wash your venue with summer colors such as a nice Yellow, Candid Photo Booths with a custom beach backdrop will also add a nice atmosphere too, then play everyone’s favorite Christmas CD, the Beach Boys, Ample sunscreen are a must. Bikinis — considering this happens to be one of the all-time worst months for six-packs — are clearly optional.


(3) Holiday Movie Marathon and Game Show Hosting

From It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street to Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and this generation’s classic A Christmas Story, it’ll be hard to pick which flicks have a place in your holiday film fest. Just keep it to less than five to avoid merry movie fatigue. And, if just watching movies isn’t exciting enough for you or your couch guests, add some action with MS Event Group’s Game Show Hosting. A Wide Variety of Custom Trivia and other TV Game Show Options.


(4) Christmas Carol Karaoke Night

You may not be a fan of unsolicited carolers banging on your door at night, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy an opportunity to bust out Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” MS Event Group offers Karaoke services that is sure to rock out your holiday guest, sing the classics, or best jams, we carry a complete catalog to help you stay on track.


(5) Christmas Costumes

Halloween isn’t the only holiday tailor-made for dress-up. create a costume holiday theme party. Hit up a costume store and buy a Santa suit or an elf ensemble, and encourage your co-workers to join in. In fact, dozens of cities across the country actually have organized functions in which hundreds of co-workers get awarded the best dressed Kris Kringle and Mrs. Claus with cash awards for the best costume.

Everyone here at MS Event Group encourage you to make the best out of planning your holiday gathering a success. If you would like more Ideas and suggestions, schedule a free consult with us and tour our showroom for more exciting options.

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