MS Event Group To Open Locations Across Arkansas

MS Event Group was excited to announce new state wide locations to be launched during their company Christmas dinner.

Marc Sparks, founder of MS Entertainment Group shared the vision and expectations to make each city successful.

“Business and Life are like sports”, Sparks stated. “You’re either in it to win it, or your just standing on the sideline”.

Sparks went on to say “This year was record breaking, both in sales, and growth. We have the key managers and associates in place, so the time to expand is now. The people believe in the value we provide”.

Entertainment Professional, guest speaker, Ron Ruth, presented “Bringing Magic to Your Clients”. Ron spoke about the importance of bringing true value to customers and increasing customer loyalty.


MS Entertainment Group purchased Kids Play Rentals and Extreme Carnival Party in 2014 making them the largest entertainment firm in the southwest region covering events within a 150 mile radius.


“From Weddings, birthdays, school events, churches, festivals, and corporate events, we perform thousands of events yearly, so expanding  just makes sense” Sparks stated.

“We start with a location in Northwest Arkansas, then move on to Little Rock” Sparks said.


“I believe letting our associates know they have a future to grow within the company is essential. They want to work for a company and feel the energy of security, importantance, and know they have the ability to advance”


MS Event Group’s home office is located in Fort Smith Arkansas, but the launch will have satellite offices in each city.


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