MS Event Group Purchases 2 Businesses




The count down announcement is just days away !

People across Arkansas and Oklahoma are anxiously awaiting the news.


In recent media footage , MS Event Group Founder, Marc Sparks made the announcement that Effective 2014, MS Event Group will make 2 business purchases.

The highly acclaimed announcement makes MS Event Group the talk across the South West Region.

Sparks went on to state the 2 businesses will affect thousands of people, and the companies will exceed over 5,000 events per year, with MS Event Group being established already as the entertainment giant, this news leaves people wandering, could it be another business in the same category?




Whatever the businesses are, it’s sure to put Fort Smith Arkansas on top of the map for quality Mobile Entertainment.

If you recall, in 2003 Marc Sparks claim to fame was taking a $200 set of Radio Shack Speakers and amp, and turning into a huge Multi-Op entertainment capital.

Sparks went on to state the 2 businesses will help the company expand into more cities over the coming years, whatever the businesses are, MS Event Group is sure to knock down the entertainment door in 2014. we’ll just have to wait and keep our ears open for the exciting  news as the new year approaches.




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