New Years Eve Celebrations



New Years Eve is a time for reflecting on the past year, It’s also one of the most

popular dates for group celebrations. MS Event Group receives calls several months prior to December

with exciting couples planning Wedding’s on this date, others chose to gather friends and family and host a private celebration from their home. New Years parties and functions can be one of the most exciting events of the year.

The MS Event Group offers many enhancements, such as indoor plasma displays along with giant outdoor screens for live video simulcasting, and even New Years Eve Countdowns with Auld Lang Syne. Atmosphere effects are also a neat feature to add, whether it be Snow, Geysers, Hazers, and even pyro, you can make your event the absolute best New Years Eve celebration ever!

If you’re planning a New Years Eve party and need professional DJ services, contact the MS Event Group, our headquarters is designed to offer some of the most trained industry experts in the Southwest region. We strive to make each event the very best. 479.242.4235 or info@mseventgroup.com

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