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Kids Play

If you want to bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘pump it up’, then having a bounce house at your party will do it.

Kids Play Rentals offers inflatable pieces of equipment will keep any kid at any age happy for hours on end. Moreover, they will keep the kids busy and ensure they go home with a lot less energy than when they came to the party.

Bouncing is a kid’s natural movement. They do it when they are excited, angry, or any other emotion. That’s why there is no surprise that every kid gets excited (and starts bouncing) when they see a bounce house at a party they are attending.

What Kind Of Bounce House Should You Get?

When it comes to kids, they can be pretty picky at first. “That’s a girl’s toy!” or “That’s a boy’s toy!” is something that is often heard, so making sure you rent bounce houses that reflect the kids who will be attending your party is important. If you are going to be having a mixed group of kids, then renting two bounces houses with different themes may be best for you.

Bounce Houses For The Girls

You can rent a Princess Bounce House. This one has captivated girls of all ages and Cinderella’s picture can be found on this bounce house.

Another one Kids Play stocks is the Princess Combo. This one will impress the girls for sure.

Bounce Houses For The Boys

What says a boy’s bounce house louder than a HUMV truck? This bouncer is high off the ground, just like a Monster truck. This truck is colored with red, yellow, and blue, and has two huge headlamps on the fornt.

Another bounce house that will interest boys is the sports bounce. football and basketball will be the inspiration for their playtime inside of the bounce house. And, they will be delighted at how high they can jump as they really show off their skills.

For Both Girls And Boys

If you are going to have both girls and boys at your party, and you would rather just get one big generic one, pick the Adrenaline Rush, it’s suitable for all imaginations.

Kids Play rentals carries the largest inventory of bounce, obstacles, games, and concessions. Call the Kids Play team and let us help you plan the perfect event.

To learn more about Kids Play, contact our office today: 479.471.5758 or email: info@mseventgroup.com

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