MS Event Group’s Planning Tips for Sweet Sixteens


Sweet Sixteen! It only happens once, so you need to make it count. Here are some tips from MS Event Group to get you on your way to the best birthday party ever.

1. Talk to your parents about budget. Remember more money doesn’t necessarily make it more fun – it’s about making it relaxed, and memorable.

2. Ask around your school if they know if any other events that night so it doesn’t conflict with yours. This way people won’t have to choose between the two.

3. Find a popular place to have it. Rent a venue where you know everyone is familiar with and loves. You could also have it at your own home to save on money. This will allow you to spend more to decorate it, or to spend on party favours for guests.

4. Choose a theme. Something like “Summer Fun”, with items like beach chairs and sand.

5. Lighting, atmosphere, and great music all contribute to your party being off the hook. A company such as MS Event Group offer games, cool lighting, and award winning DJ’s to get everyone going. This can make or break your birthday!

6. Have cool invitations to support your theme, but keep invitations to people you actually know and care about. Keep it exclusive, about 100 if you are having a really big party. Make people want to come to your party. Send out your invites at least a month before the event.

7. Make sure the entertainment keeps your guests entertained. Meet with your DJ ahead of time to discuss the evening. Go over the agenda of gifts, announcements, dancing, and general idea of music that people will enjoy.

8. Eat well. Food is a must. Be sure to have all of your favorite foods there, and foods to match your theme–again if there’s a very popular restaurant that everyone goes to, get your food catered there. Food is a good way to keep the party going if things start to calm down or get kind of dry. Make sure you have a lot of healthy food like carrots, tons of apples and salads, and don’t forget drinks like water. You want to make your guests happy and healthy at all times.

9. Make sure your parents are part of the party. Have them follow you around, this is your party, and there’s a good chance they paid for it, so enjoy it with your parents, and if they care that much about watching over you and the party, tell them to hire a body guard (nicely of course!)

MS Event Group is the trusted company across Arkansas and Oklahoma that cordinates, host, and provides decor for Sweet Sixteens each year. Contact our team of professionals and let us help you create an amazing Sweet Sixteen.

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