Congratulations On Your Engagement

It’s officially engagement season, which means many couples are ready to start the process of wedding planning with the right company.

YesIn your search for the right services for your wedding, The MS Event Group is as excited as you are.

What is MS Event Group? We are a company with 4 divisions. DJ’s, Photography, Videography, and Photo Booths.

MS Event Group has also become known for our “lighting Services” such as Up-Lighting and Special Effects Lighting.

Our team specializes in weddings that cover Fort Smith, to Northwest Arkansas and Little Rock. We also service Oklahoma weddings too.

This is the time of year our team has already started working with many couples to bring their vision into reality.


What does the term “Right Company” mean to you? It’s so much more than the old scenario of calling and asking the price of a service.

You expect and deserve so much more. MS Event Group was created to change the entertainment Industry across the mid-west region. It starts with meeting our couples to make sure we are the right fit for each other, then we create a custom proposal that match your vision, expectations, and budget with our price match guarantee. Its all about you, our client.

MS Event Group then allows 10 days to shop around and make sure we are the right fit for you, if so, we meet again and proceed to reserve the date, then the fun begins, our entertainers, photographers, or, video team starts working with you on the wedding process.

We provide 24/7 customer service and on-line planning straight from MSEventGroup.Com a example would be that you can chose your music, announcements and so much more. Its like having a key to our store virtually anytime you need in.


MS Event Group’s professional DJ’s go through weeks of non-stop wedding training, and on top of that, each weekend their out on the road with our “Lead MC’s” to ensure your experience is unparalleled.

Many couples find the wedding process to be “stressful” and “overwhelming”. MS Event Group feels your headache, so we evolved into a 4 division firm that expanded out from being just a DJ Company. The 4 divisions include Professional DJ/MCCandid Photo BoothsMS Digital Photography, and MS Video Production. Brides enjoy being able to contact us and pick and chose what service they need, once again, Its all about you, our client.

If you would like to learn more about all the unique services offered by the MS Event Group, contact us today 479.242.4235 or email us info@mseventgroup.com

MS Event Group To Open Locations Across Arkansas

MS Event Group was excited to announce new state wide locations to be launched during their company Christmas dinner.

Marc Sparks, founder of MS Entertainment Group shared the vision and expectations to make each city successful.

“Business and Life are like sports”, Sparks stated. “You’re either in it to win it, or your just standing on the sideline”.

Sparks went on to say “This year was record breaking, both in sales, and growth. We have the key managers and associates in place, so the time to expand is now. The people believe in the value we provide”.

Entertainment Professional, guest speaker, Ron Ruth, presented “Bringing Magic to Your Clients”. Ron spoke about the importance of bringing true value to customers and increasing customer loyalty.


MS Entertainment Group purchased Kids Play Rentals and Extreme Carnival Party in 2014 making them the largest entertainment firm in the southwest region covering events within a 150 mile radius.


“From Weddings, birthdays, school events, churches, festivals, and corporate events, we perform thousands of events yearly, so expanding  just makes sense” Sparks stated.

“We start with a location in Northwest Arkansas, then move on to Little Rock” Sparks said.


“I believe letting our associates know they have a future to grow within the company is essential. They want to work for a company and feel the energy of security, importantance, and know they have the ability to advance”


MS Event Group’s home office is located in Fort Smith Arkansas, but the launch will have satellite offices in each city.


Fall Wedding Basics from MS Event Group

                                                                                 Fall is one of the most popular times to plan a wedding — and for good reason!


fall-weddingsGorgeous natural Arkansas and Oklahoma foliage and milder temperatures make weather make for great fall weddings.

There are still potential issues that you need to keep in mind while planning a fall wedding. First, keep in mind that even if guests are comfortable at your afternoon wedding ceremony, they need to prepare for the temperature to drop in the evening.


One idea: Arrange bins of inexpensive wraps at the reception entrance, or set up heat lamps in outdoor areas where guests will want to relax. You could even embrace the season with a few fire pits (and maybe some s’mores!).


Another common obstacle is fall wedding flowers. Though many popular wedding blooms are not in season during this time of the year, this is the perfect opportunity to get creative with a fall wedding bouquet.



Incorporate unexpected plants like wheat, crab-apples, and ornamental vegetables. There’s one bride who used cotton plants in all of her wedding arrangements! Finally, remember to do your research when selecting an autumn wedding date. There are many events happening this time of year, such as collage football games, holidays  — including Labor Day, Thanksgiving,  but by doing your research you can help your guests avoid scheduling conflicts. Don’t let these potential pitfalls scare you, though — fall weddings are worth every bit of effort.

If you’re planning a wedding and need help, contact the wedding experts at MS Event Group. We offer a wide array of services, such as DJ, Photography, Videography, Photobooths, and Lighting.


MS Event Group is the only company to save you money by offering the “Prices Match Guarantee”. Bring us a proposal from any recognized company, and we’ll match it.

Learn more about the award winning services by scheduling a FREE Consult inside our showroom. Call 479.242.4235

Booking The Right DJ Company Isn’t Science

Booking The Right DJ Isn’t Science


Let’s face it, we’ve all heard the term, “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out”.

MS Event Group actually feels the same way. When you’re looking to book a DJ for your event, It’s very easy.

The MS Event Group Team set down and designed 5 easy steps to help book the right DJ for your celebration.





1) Referral’s – Don’t ever take the “DJs” word for how good he/she is, ask for referral’s. Past customers will usually be honest on their experience. You can also check the DJ’s background on Google or Facebook reviews. If you’re searching for a wedding DJ, check out Wedding Wire for past reviews too.


2)  Insurance – A business always carry insurance, this also holds true with a DJ. They should carry liability insurance for their events. He/she should be happy to provide a copy of their policy.

3) Office – MS Event Group networks with vendors across Arkansas and Oklahoma, most all are full time and actually have a office to meet clients and showcase their services. This allows you to visually see the work and level of quality they sale.

4) Variety – Everyone loves variety, and this holds true on booking your DJ. The MS Event Group DJ roster runs deep in variety of professionally trained entertainers that best fits your vision.

Low Price MS

5) Price Match Guarantee – Budgets are tight and MS Event Group knows that. We keep prices down so you can afford quality entertainment. MS Event Group is the first and only entertainment company to offer the Price Match Guarantee. Contact our office for complete details. We’re saving customers money so they can have a better celebration.




To learn more about our DJ’s, Photography, Videography, Lighting, or Candid Photo Booths, Contact the experts at MS Event Group 479.242.4235 or email: info@mseventgroup.com

Announcing The MS Event Group Price Match Guarantee

                                                        You’ve  ask us, Now MS Event Group is going to deliver.


Low Price MS

Announcing the Price Match Guarantee from MS Event Group.


In a recent survey, 8 out of 10 brides said they considered hiring MS SoundWorks and MS Event Group for their celebration or Wedding but due to budget restraints, they had to settle for other DJ services.




Operations Manager, Clint Elmore recently met with Founder and CEO Marc Sparks on offering more additional pricing options so that every customer could experience MS Event Group Services.

These include Mobile DJ’s, The Jambulance, Professional MC’s, Up-Lighting, Intelligent Lighting,  Candid Photo Booths, and other services.

“I admit I was shocked at the number of customers that really wanted to use our company but couldn’t fit it into their budgets” stated Marc Sparks.

“It has always been my goal to appeal to the masses who are in search of our entertainment services. We have customers wanting DJ Services in Fayetteville Arkansas, Bentonville Arkansas, and even into Muskogee and Tulsa Oklahoma” Sparks continued.

“This will help thousands of customers this year save money and afford the quality and the professionalism that they’ve seen or heard about”. Earlier this year, MS Event Group won the prestigious 2014 Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award for the state of Arkansas.

The MS Event Group Price Match Guarantee covers the following:

* Prices stated on other recognized DJ Company Websites .

* Professional Proposals from area recognized DJ’s.

“MS Event Group realizes there are a lot of DJ scams going on around the area, We receive several calls each month from customers who spoke with other DJ’s around the Fort Smith and Fayetteville area only to get a phone call the week of their event, and that part time DJ cancels on them” stated Clint Elmore.

“We’ve been a full time entertainment company for many years and we stand behind our work with written booking agreements and legit paperwork that lets our customers know that we do business the right way. MS Event Group is also insured and many customers and even our corporate clients expect that from a company”

There has never been a better time to to call us and let MS Event Group save you money, and you can get reserved for your special day. Check out  our reviews on Facebook, You Tube, Vimeo, and Wedding Wire. We’re a company of Fort Smith DJ’s as well as Fayetteville and Springdale DJ’s that back our promise.

If you’re planning a Birthday Party, Corporate event, Holiday Party, or even a Wedding, Contact the experts at MS Event Group. 479.242.4235.


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