MS Event Group Is Hiring DJ’s !

We’re Hiring Fun Loving, Outgoing People!


MS Event Group is gearing up for the busy wedding and party fall season, so we start now searching for the right people.

Have you ever thought about entertaining thousands of people? each year MS Event Group host over 1,500 events and we’re growing.

We’ll be holding job interviews for one day only, Tuesday, Feb 3rd @ 6pm at the MS Event Group Complex located at 1216 Knoxville St
in Fort Smith.

You don’t need any experience because we provide complete on-site training. Here’s all you need for our job interview.

a) Weekends Free – Yes, you have to be available to work every Friday and Saturday.

b) Your own vehicle – This means you have to own a vehicle to travel to and from work.

c) Fun-Loving – This is very important because you will be the party leader and people want someone who’s fun and upbeat.

d) Out Going – DJ’s are out-going, and personable people, If you love talking on a mic and pumping up the crowd, this is your dream job!

e) Multi-Tasker – DJ’ing does require being able to handle multiple things all during your performance.

f) Immediate Worker – MS Event Group is growing rapidly and we need DJ’s ready to step in and work.

Here’s all the complete details

MS Event Group - Hiring

We are looking for people just like you! Don’t wait any longer.

It’s The Funniest Job You’ll Ever Have

MS Event Group DJ’s Share Summer Party Ideas

Summertime means longer days, warmer weather, and the perfect time of year to host outdoor events!

Pool Party

No one understands this better than MS Event Group, our team races to the phone everytime in hopes the call is a client planning a outdoor function.

Summertime means outdoor weddings, pool parties, social gatherings for cookouts. Most of the time these events want DJ entertainment, so we love booking and bringing raw energy to each one. DJ’s are usually the main reason they call, but don’t forget the other cool services MS Event Group offers such as outdoor L.E.D. Lighting and Lounge Furniture.


Outdoor functions can also mean you want your home to appeal with nightlife energy, so MS Event Group staffs only the finest entertainers to blend in with your friends.


If you’re limited on space, no problem! MS Event Group offers the only self contained mobile DJ units in the US. Let the Jambulance make your party stand out with video screens, gaming consoles, and dance cams, all conveniently self contained and fabricated to meet any entertainment need.

Don’t be limited this summer with a generic I-Pod, or a portable radio, make your event stand out with professional entertainment from MS Event Group. Contact our office today and see how our team can impact your next event.
We are excited to hear from you soon, so call now: 479.242.4235 or email: info@mseventgroup.com.

How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost?

A nervous bride biting her fingernails.

How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost?

MS Event Group can’t tell you how many times we see a question posted that asked the question, “How much is the cost-of-wedding-DJ?” or “How much should I expect to pay for a wedding DJ for a 4-hour wedding reception”.

The bad part about this is the answers are all a bunch of misinformation that can do nothing but lead a bride asking the question in the wrong direction, So we are going to try our best to answer the question here.

Average cost for a 4 hour Wedding DJ:

The average cost for a 4 hour wedding can vary depending on what kind of quality you want, and state you’re getting married in. I am sure you have heard the horror stories about the tacky DJ or the DJs that only play certain types of music. Generally, here is a breakdown of what you should expect to pay for certain kinds of DJs in the Southwest Region:

$200 – $300 Typically a beginning DJ, most likely a part-time hobbyist.

$400 – $600 More experience than the beginners, but most likely a part-time DJ.

$1,000 – $2,500 Most experienced, professionally trained, full-time DJ.

Now you should base your budget on what kind of experience you want at your wedding reception. Candidly, if your budget is really limited to the first group, you are probably better off saving the money by having a friend DJ your wedding with an iPod. This way, you won’t risk having someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, plays inappropriate music, or making inappropriate announcements.

The $400 -$600 range DJs are more prone to making mistakes because they don’t have time to prepare for your wedding. After all, most probably have another full-time job, so they can focus less on the success of your wedding! If this is your budget, you might find a gem in this group, but you run the risk of having a DJ who is not well-prepared or just “shoots from the hip”.

The $1,000 – $2,500 DJ’s are making this kind of money for a reason. It is typically because they are well trained, experienced professionals that do it for a living and commit all of their time to making sure the weddings they do are as close to perfect as they can be. They do not have another job getting in the way of them making sure everything is perfect. They also typically spend anywhere from 20-40 hours of time making sure your 4-6 hour wedding reception is perfect. This kind of preparation shows through in their accessibility to help you with questions, coordination, and suggestions to help drive the success of your wedding.

Now all of the above are not 100% true. There are some of the poor quality DJ’s charging more. You won’t find too many great ones charging less though. Think about it, if they can get a higher price, don’t you think they would charge it? So it’s up to you to interview the companies that are appealing to you and ask the right questions to ensure you are getting a wedding DJ that can deliver the experience you want.

If you’re planning a wedding in Arkansas or Oklahoma and want a great wedding DJ, Contact the wedding professionals at MS Event Group. and schedule a Free, no hassle consult to get pricing, give us a call at (479) 242-4235.

Peter Latham Lewis - January 28, 2016 - 4:47 pm

Not all cheap DJs are Bad. I have been doing this for over 25 years and have expensive equipment and have done over 500 successful weddings. I do not feel the need to charge very expensive pricing. the wedding already cost a lot of money. I make a reasonable fee and I am happy to do that. I will not make millions overnight but it has been a good career for me. https://www.djpeter.co.za

Bunetha Johnson JaysonSr Jasonjr - March 22, 2016 - 7:25 am

How much do you chance I am getting married on my birthday in July and I don’t have a DJ I am just asking for price Peter Latham Lewis this my first time

Michael Tremayne Washington - August 3, 2016 - 12:57 am

Wedding DJs can be expensive. The best place to find a good DJ that isn’t expensive is by posting a job on http://www.thumbtack.com or http://www.musiclancers.com. DJs will bid on your project and you can choose the best one.

2014 Prom Music from MS Event Group

school pic

Programming Prom music can be tough!

MS Event Group schedules over 10-15 proms every weekend starting at the end of March and going until the middle of May. Music varies from school to school. Large schools are formatted differently then small rural schools. The goal is the same in every school, keep the students engaged and entertained throughout the entire evening.

Some Teens may only want to dance to the new music heard on the radio, while others love throwbacks from “Old School”. MS Event Group’s music consultants prep months out with meetings from reporting radio stations to ensure the perfect mix is created.

One important factor is playing clean versions. MS Event Group only programs clean radio edited music content.

Prom Training is something else that the MS Event Group Company starts 4-5 months in advance.

One secret method of the prom training is the 50/50 split. Music is 50% of the success, the other 50% is “Hyping” with the students. This skill engages at different periods throughout the prom.

Many DJ’s across the U.S. contact the music consultants at MS Event Group to help their business create the perfect blend for success. Listed below is a sample of the compiled music for the upcoming 2014 Prom year.

Dark Horse – Katy Perry
Don’t Drop That Thun Thun – Finatticz
Twerk It – Busta Rhymes and VIC
Karate Chop – Lil Wayne
Whop – J Dash
Monster – Eminem and Rihanna
Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke and Pharrell
Rack City – Tyga
U and Dat – E40
Booty Work – T-Pain
Get Crazy – LMFAO
Shots – LMFAO ft Lil Jon
Outta Your Mind – Lil Jon ft LMFAO
Dance – Big Sean ft Nicki Minaj
Midnight Memories – One Direction
Timber – Kesha and Pitbull
Let Me Clear My Throat – DJ Kool (Old School)
This Is How We Do It – Montel Jordan (Old School)
Back That Thang Up – Juvenile
Teach Me How to Dougie
Ride Wit Me – Nelly
Countdown – Beyonce
Wobble – VIC
Thrift Shop – Macklemore
Lip Gloss – Lil Mama
Started From The Bottom – Drake
Danza Kuduro – Don Omar
Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore
All Gold Everything – Trinidad James
I’m Different – 2 Chanz
Donk – Soulja Boy
Down On Me – Jeremiah ft 50 Cent
Get Low – Lil Jon
Drop It Low – Ester Dean ft Chris Brown
Step In The Name of Love – R Kelly
Ignition – R Kelly
Suit and Tie – Justin Timberlake ft Jay Z
Starships – Nicki Minaj
Scream and Shout – Brittney Spears and Will.I.Am
Diamonds – Rihanna (Jacob Plant Dubstep Remix)
Backseat – New Boyz
Saxobeat – Afrojack
We Found Love – Calvin Harris and Rihanna
Hey Ya! – Outkast
Don’t Drop That Thun Thun – Finatticz
Drop It Like It’s Hot – Snoop Dog
Yeah 3X – Chris Brown
Designer – Tyga
Harlem Shake – Baauer
M.A.A.D. City – Kendrick Lamar
Gas Pedal – Sage the Gemini
Karate Chop – Lil Wayne and Future
Cat Daddy – Rej3ctz
Booty Me Down – Kstylis
Red Nose – Sage
We Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus
Wild for the Night – ASAP Rocky and Skrillex
Talk Dirty to Me – Jason Derulo
What Does the Fox Say – Ylvis
Pompeii – Bastille
Drop That NaeNae – We Are Toonz
TKO – Justin Timberlake
23 – Miley Cyrus
Holy Grail – Justin Timberlake and Jay Z

If you would like to learn more about MS Event Group, contact our office team today: 479.242.4235

Keep the “Kids” happy with Kids Play Rentals

Kids Play

If you want to bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘pump it up’, then having a bounce house at your party will do it.

Kids Play Rentals offers inflatable pieces of equipment will keep any kid at any age happy for hours on end. Moreover, they will keep the kids busy and ensure they go home with a lot less energy than when they came to the party.

Bouncing is a kid’s natural movement. They do it when they are excited, angry, or any other emotion. That’s why there is no surprise that every kid gets excited (and starts bouncing) when they see a bounce house at a party they are attending.

What Kind Of Bounce House Should You Get?

When it comes to kids, they can be pretty picky at first. “That’s a girl’s toy!” or “That’s a boy’s toy!” is something that is often heard, so making sure you rent bounce houses that reflect the kids who will be attending your party is important. If you are going to be having a mixed group of kids, then renting two bounces houses with different themes may be best for you.

Bounce Houses For The Girls

You can rent a Princess Bounce House. This one has captivated girls of all ages and Cinderella’s picture can be found on this bounce house.

Another one Kids Play stocks is the Princess Combo. This one will impress the girls for sure.

Bounce Houses For The Boys

What says a boy’s bounce house louder than a HUMV truck? This bouncer is high off the ground, just like a Monster truck. This truck is colored with red, yellow, and blue, and has two huge headlamps on the fornt.

Another bounce house that will interest boys is the sports bounce. football and basketball will be the inspiration for their playtime inside of the bounce house. And, they will be delighted at how high they can jump as they really show off their skills.

For Both Girls And Boys

If you are going to have both girls and boys at your party, and you would rather just get one big generic one, pick the Adrenaline Rush, it’s suitable for all imaginations.

Kids Play rentals carries the largest inventory of bounce, obstacles, games, and concessions. Call the Kids Play team and let us help you plan the perfect event.

To learn more about Kids Play, contact our office today: 479.471.5758 or email: info@mseventgroup.com

B o o k i n g   T o o l s