Christmas Party Themes You Haven’t Thought of Yet

MS Event Group knows each year it’s hard to get a “buzz” going in your office when it comes to planning a Christmas party.

How do you get “Everyone” involved and get them excited? Its tough, so the MS Event Team put our brains together and come up with a variety of Christmas Party Themes for 2013, and yes, we are DJ’s but sometimes we do think outside our “Music Box”.


(1) The Ugly Sweater Party

If you managed to go this long in life without acquiring some horrific Christmas sweater — you know, the ones with the puff paint snowmen and the mistletoe-patterned mock turtlenecks — from your great aunt Mildred, then you may have to run to the nearest K-Mart to purchase one for this party of holiday fashion faux pas. We promise they don’t cost more than $15, and the photos will most definitely be priceless.


(2) Reverse Christmas in July

Christmas in July is a time-honored mid-summer party favorite. In the summer’s hottest month, people pretend it’s Christmas — complete with a tree, gift exchange, and hearty meal. Well, turn the tables on this tradition with a beach-themed party in the dead of winter. MS Event Group can help with Beach balls and leis, then color wash your venue with summer colors such as a nice Yellow, Candid Photo Booths with a custom beach backdrop will also add a nice atmosphere too, then play everyone’s favorite Christmas CD, the Beach Boys, Ample sunscreen are a must. Bikinis — considering this happens to be one of the all-time worst months for six-packs — are clearly optional.


(3) Holiday Movie Marathon and Game Show Hosting

From It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street to Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and this generation’s classic A Christmas Story, it’ll be hard to pick which flicks have a place in your holiday film fest. Just keep it to less than five to avoid merry movie fatigue. And, if just watching movies isn’t exciting enough for you or your couch guests, add some action with MS Event Group’s Game Show Hosting. A Wide Variety of Custom Trivia and other TV Game Show Options.


(4) Christmas Carol Karaoke Night

You may not be a fan of unsolicited carolers banging on your door at night, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy an opportunity to bust out Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” MS Event Group offers Karaoke services that is sure to rock out your holiday guest, sing the classics, or best jams, we carry a complete catalog to help you stay on track.


(5) Christmas Costumes

Halloween isn’t the only holiday tailor-made for dress-up. create a costume holiday theme party. Hit up a costume store and buy a Santa suit or an elf ensemble, and encourage your co-workers to join in. In fact, dozens of cities across the country actually have organized functions in which hundreds of co-workers get awarded the best dressed Kris Kringle and Mrs. Claus with cash awards for the best costume.

Everyone here at MS Event Group encourage you to make the best out of planning your holiday gathering a success. If you would like more Ideas and suggestions, schedule a free consult with us and tour our showroom for more exciting options.

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5 Things Your Wedding Guests Won’t Tell You


Here is an Article that our friend and wedding specialist Alan Berg wrote. We felt it was important enough to share with future brides.

1) Your guests won’t thank you for making your Mom, sister, best friend or maid of honor work on your wedding day. They’re not wedding planners, they’re your closest family and friends. Let them mingle, dance and enjoy the day.

2) Your guests won’t thank you for making them wait while you take pictures. Sure, they’ll eat, they’ll drink, but if it takes too long they’ll start wondering where you are. They were invited to celebrate with you.

3) Your guests won’t tell you that you put way too many things on your wedding registry. Make it easy for them to buy you the things that you really want. It’s hard for guests to know which things you really want (like a beautiful honeymoon, fire pit or down payment on a house), when there are 250 items on there. Give them the option to contribute dollars towards your registry so you can choose how to use it. Also, understand that a gift should not be required. You invited them to share your wedding day, not to necessarily have to pay for the privilege. If they want to give a gift, make it easy.

4) Your guests want to see, and hear your ceremony. Ask them to stay in their seats so everyone else can see. If you’ve hired professional photographer and videographer (real, experienced pros), and you share the photos with them (easy enough to do with online proofing these days), they’ll all be able to see and hear you taking your vows. Have someone ask everyone to turn off their ringers as well. You don’t want to hear a phone ringing on your wedding video. Everyone has a camera phone, but that doesn’t make them professionals. Don’t let them get in the way of the pros You’re investing good money in professional photos, let them do their job and they share it with your guests.

5) Your guests won’t thank you for hiring the cheapest wedding vendors. They don’t care how much you paid, they only care about the end result that they see. An iPod is not a DJ. Your uncle is not a professional videographer and won’t know where to stand to not be in everyone’s way. That Craig’s List vendor you hired is cheap for a reason. Don’t hire cheap. Hire the best value, and that often means spending more. Just follow your priorities and invest in them. You won’t be happy when the photos aren’t what you wanted or the dance floor is empty.

What I’m trying to say here is that you know what it’s like to be a guest at a wedding, just try to remember that when making your choices. If it’s summer time, make sure there’s shade for your outdoor ceremony. Make sure there’s air conditioning. Don’t just pray that it won’t rain, or won’t be 110 degrees… have a real plan for it. Put yourself in the shoes of your 100, 200 or more guests and have them raving to you about how great everything was. You don’t always get kudos for doing it right, but you almost always lose points for doing it wrong. I wish you, and your guests, a very happy wedding.

MS Event Group creates stress free weddings with amazing services. If you would like to learn more about MS Event Group, contact our office: 479.242.4235 or email us your
questions. info@mseventgroup.com

This copyrighted article was written by Alan Berg, professional speaker, author and business consultant – North America’s Leading Expert on the Business of Weddings & Events, and published in Beautiful Bride Magazine. To find out more about Alan Berg visit www.AlanBerg.com © 2013 Alan Berg.

MS Event Group ~ New Website

MS Event Group is so excited to launch our brand new website!

Now you can see neat features offered exclusively from the MS Event Group.

Videos such as Meet The Team, Past Event Recaps, and watch all of our Video Services.

MS Event Group is extremely proud of the “Upcoming Events” page. This puts all of our clients and corporations into the spotlight. Read about their event and get to know them.

Blog Page ~ This allows you to read exciting news straight from the MS Headquarters. We want to keep our fans informed on weddings and other related news.

MS Event Group believes in staying on the cutting edge, and the new website allows you to follow us across the board on Social Media. FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, and even pin photos on Pintrest !

These are cool features from the company that exceeds expectations and keeps you Informed!

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MS Event Group “Your One Source”

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The MS Event Group was developed to be “Your One Source” of what every person needs for any celebration.

We offer you professionals all in one the comfort of one of the top companies in the southwest region. MS Event Group offers customized entertainment presentations that are designed for each clients unique vision.

MS Event Group has evolved into an exclusive full time Entertainment, Photography, Videography, Photo Booth and Event Production Firm that specializes in Wedding Receptions, Corporate Functions and Special Celebrations.

Our success has been a result of us being the industry leader.

We have a operating philosophy of entertainment excellence, and share every client’s vision. The MS Event Group, prides ourselves on our commitment to deliver the best customer service, planning support, and performance of our ability.

We do not offer “Package Pricing”, instead we define ourselves in customizing each event to meet your vision.

The MS Event Group offers exclusive talent that is currently recommended by some of Arkansas and Oklahoma’s best industry professionals. Our team consists of the most in demand DJ Talent, Photography, and Video Professionals.

The MS Event Group offers true experts who have a proven background in Hosting Events, Lighting Design, and have spent years working to perfect the industry.

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Fresh Off The Press From MS


MS Event Group is proud to announce our “NEW WEBSITE“!

Technology is always changing, so we traveled around Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma to ask several people their opinion on what they would like to see from the new website.

Here’s what we found out:

a) We Want video content ~ People who haven’t seen us live, want to see us in action, so we added several video categories such as
Events, Services, and even a Meet The Team.

b) Upcoming Events ~ MS Event Group always has the inside to the hottest events and celebrations, so now you can view our upcoming events calendar.

c) Events ~ Birthdays, Holidays, School Dances, and Event Production services can be found here.

d) Social Media ~ People want the convenience of being able to keep up with MS Event Group, so we added Facebook, Pintrest, YouTube, and Instagram on the front
home page of our website.

e) Wedding Wire Reviews ~ MS Event Group wants newlyweds to know what past brides and grooms have to say about us. This new feature is filled with 5.0 ratings.

We encourage our fans to take a few minutes and explore the new website of MS Event Group. We still have the same vision as always. It’s to be “Your One Source” for all your entertainment needs.

If you would like to learn more about the dynamic services the MS Event Group offers, contact us: 479.242.4235 or email: info@mseventgroup.com

Whitley Evans - August 19, 2013 - 12:27 am

The site looks great! Enjoying the new features we integrated. We defiantly worked well as a team to complete our goals that customers requested. I think we nailed designing a site that works well on mobile devices as well as home computers. Look forward to more MS Event Group Upgrades!

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